Monday, December 20, 2010

Got my lower end back today.

I finally got my lower end back, after waiting for a month for the mechanic to call me...You see, he finished it a month ago, but the total I was told that I owed was MUCH higher than I was expecting, and more work had been done than I had asked for.

He finally called me today and explained all that was done.  When I had been given that info, I decided that it was worth biting the bullet and just paying for it.  He replaced the pinion shaft and line honed the left case (as I had asked) but then went ahead and cleaned all the mating surfaces, replaced the cam bearing, and buttoned it all up.

So now I will begin installing the components of the cam cavity, such as the cam, the timing gears, and the lower part of the valve train (lifters and blocks).  I'll also install the oil pump.  BUT, before I start all that, I need to take some time to finish cleaning it, taping it off, and then painting it.  It'll be painted "Bead Blast Aluminum" by Harley Davidson.  It gives the look and feel of bead blasting, without all the nasty side effects of the actual process, while leaving a durable, oxidation-free surface.

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