Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's resolution: Get this engine running by summer!

Aside from getting back into shape this year, this will also be the year that Dad's old bike runs again. Well, that the engine will run. It'll be at least another year and a half before I can get the rest of the bike built.

Here's a mock up of the major engine components. The front rocker box was the one painted silver; you can see a bit of silver that I need to hit again with the black.

This is the final engine paint configuration. The cam cover will be painted black to balance out the colors; I haven't decided if the oil pump will be black or silver yet.

So then...if I'm remembering correctly, and I've inventoried correctly, I still need to buy valves, their springs, and keepers, a coil, plugs, a gasket set (cam, cylinder, heads, rockers), pushrod tubes, and a stator to complete this engine.

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