Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Transmission reassembly begins!

I got the new machined main gear seal for the transmission; it's the basic seal with a groove machined on the inner face to accept an o-ring. This has ALWAYS leaked with this transmission design, no matter how well you build the bike. Recently some guys that are smarter than me figured out how to fix it--put an o-ring in. Here is it pressed into the oil seal and then inserted into the transmission case. The ring with the blue border is the oil seal; the inner metal ring with the key way is the main seal:

On the inside of the race that accepts the oil seal is an inner face that accepts loose roller bearings. You get them to stick by coating the face with thick grease, then insert them one by one...

And that's where I have to stop for now. I don't remember how tight the fit is for the main gear and the main seal. I don't know if it's snug, tight, or a press fit. I'll find out and then continue on.

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