Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We have brakes!

Well, we have front calipers mounted.  I now need to measure for brake lines.

I started with a set of 4-pot Brembos I bought from a member of a motorcycle forum I frequent.  I don't know what bike they're off of, but I think it was a Duc.  I discarded the lines, MC, and lever, as they won't fit on my bike.

I first "mounted" one caliper to the rotor by attaching it to the MC and clamping the lever down.  This located the caliper where I needed it for best fit.  I then made a template from a piece of corrugated cardboard; actually, I cut up a shipping box.

I then traced the pattern on a plate of aircraft aluminum and cut them out on a band saw.

Once I had them to rough shape, I clamped one on and, with a punch, marked one mounting hole.  I removed the bracket, drilled that hole, and then bolted it back in place.  I then could safely mark the other mounting hole.

The plate was a little too thick.

So I sent them out to a buddy to mill them down a bit for a perfect fit.

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