Friday, March 14, 2014

Disaster! (Averted)

I attempted to mount my spark plug wires last weekend but was confronted with too-short plug wires; you see, my coil mounting location is in a fairly typical spot, just behind the seat post, but I'm running dual plugs, so there's another set on the FAR side of the engine...which is actually pretty far from the coils.  You can see the green coils just below the front of the seat.

This means I can wire the left side plugs no problem, and the bike will run PERFECTLY well that way.  Heck, it was designed to.  But I want the duals so I can retard the timing a bit and get a better flame front over that hellaciously domed piston.  I simply have to buy another wire kit to finish it.

The disaster (averted) was found out when I tried to install the front right spark plug--the threads are stripped.  As noted before, I can run a single set of plugs, but not if one of the "extras" won't seal.

The "best" fix is to send the heads off to a buddy of mine and have him weld in slugs to fill the holes and then drill and tap them again.  To the tune of $450.  Maybe later; I want this thing running late spring at the latest.

The second best is to drill out the threads and retap them to fit Timeserts--hardened steel threaded inserts.  This is often considered a "temporary" solution, if, by temporary, you mean good for a few ten thousand miles.  If that's the case, that'll likely be the life of this bike; I doubt it'll see any cross-country trips.  Ever.

But...and there's always a but...the Timesert kit is pretty pricey, too.  Fortunately, the guys on the Shovel forum are always helpful and are good at saving my butt when it's in a sling--one of the mechanics there is sending me an installation kit to use and fix my heads.  Hopefully I'll have it next week and the heads repaired by next weekend.

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