Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 2009

Not much has been done to the bike, as that fiscal ability I thought I had didn't materialize as I had hoped. But, there's a change in the wind! The rebuild will begin again this summer. The next step will be to take the lower case to a local Shovelhead mech who will rip it apart for me and tell me what I need to replace (everything except the flywheels and the cases, I'm sure). When I take it in I'll see how much more it'll cost to bump it to 93ci instead of just rebuilding the stock 74ci engine. More power!

If I do that, I think I'll go with a set of second spark plug holes in the heads so that I can add pressure relief valves--kickstarting a 93" stroker is gonna be a bit of a challenge otherwise with my puny 150# frame...

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