Friday, May 8, 2009

Planning stages...

I called the guys over at Truett and Osborn ( ), based on advice from the guys over at to see what they can do for me. I told them how I have to replace all the internals and asked what I can do to increase the power without going crazy, and with keeping as much of the stock pieces that I can.

They told me that the quickest route to more power would be to go with an 89" stroker kit. This would maintain my stock cases, cylinders, and heads, with minor work to make everything fit. I would need cylinder base plates (included in the price) and to have a local mechanic machine clearance space in the cases for the longer rods and to lower the oil hole on the cylinders. Otherwise it'll just bolt right in.

I'll be going from 74" to 89" (1200cc to 1443cc) with a 4 5/8" stroke. Yeah, it's gonna be a paint shaker.

~$1300 will get me a balanced flywheel, bearings, rods, and pistons. Pricey, but less expensive than a new engine and fairly cheap if I install it all myself (which I plan on doing).

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