Thursday, April 30, 2009

The beginning

This bike has a long history, but not much of a life. My dad bought the crated engine new from a Harley shop back in '75, a used 4 speed tranny, and a hardtail frame (he thinks it's a Paughco). From there he built a bare-bones bike that didn't get ridden much.

Sometime in '81 he was in a minor wreck, which tweaked the Sportster front end that he had put on it. Having four kids and an on-again, off-again construction job, family responsibilities usurped his wish to put it back on the road.

With what I'm sure was a broken heart, he watched his bike sit, in pieces, for more than two decades.

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  1. Only just 'discovered' your blog and have read it from here to the most recent post, congrats and good luck in the pursuit of this most noble cause.
    P.S - loved the girder front end, even if you're going the telescopic route.