Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13. Split the cases!

Okay, so I finally sat down with a pair of 1/2" spanners and pulled all the nuts and bolts that hold the two lower end cases together. Once they were out, I then used a 7/16" spanner to remove the oil pump case.

Then a few swift taps with a rubber mallet separated them. But they wouldn't pull apart more than 1/2". What gives? Seems that the oil pump shaft and gear are held in place by a tiny circlip. Had to pull that to remove the gear so that the right side case could slide off the shaft.

Pulling it was easy--round nose pliers to twist until it popped and flew across the room. The question remains: How the hell do I put it in? It's located perpendicular to the visible plane, with a wall on its face that might make putting it back an exercise in frustration. Here's the little bugger:

Once that came off, the right side case slid right off.

Inside? Yuck. Water fouled oil, sludge, and general nastiness...

Now then...To find the time to head over to Kevin's and have the flywheels pressed out...

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