Monday, August 16, 2010

More progress

I spoke with the boys over at T&O last week. They bored the cylinders .010" over to clean up the walls, mounted pistons to match on the crank ass'y and it is now in the queue to be balanced. I told them not to worry about rushing mine out as it will be at least a few weeks before I can get the cases blasted in prep to be taken to the indy with the crank for reassembly.

While waiting, I kind of broke my promise to work on the bike in order--engine, transmission, fuel, rear, etc... You see, I have a CV carb I bought from a guy on eBay some two years ago. Doc from the Shovelhead forums is the go-to guy for setting up a Shovel with a CV. I ordered from him new jets, Allen screws to replace the cold-butter hardness Phillips screws on the carb body, and a killer air cleaner body.

Dad had a Maltese Cross rear brake light. I'll replace it with a new one (the lens is shattered and gone)and figured this would be a nice complement:

I wonder if Dad will approve?

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