Monday, November 4, 2013

I have my seat (mostly) mounted

Dad originally had a king and queen seat on this thing. I'm going a different route. I have a hinged, sprung solo seat given to me by a member of and will mount a pillion on the rear fender and a pad on the sissy bar. To mount the shock mounts, I had to remove the original fender mounts:
Then I marked the center line on the cross member, and then the center marks for the bracket locations:
Then I tacked the brackets in place on top of the cross member and the front mount near the split, but neglected to take pics of them. I then mounted up the seat to see how it looked:
As you can see, the angle is too severe, being vertical. I cut them off and rotated them back as far as I could without the cross member interfering with the springs on the shocks and came up with this:
I rolled it out to see what it would look like with me on it. I think I might go with 4" shocks over these 5" in the future. I also know that I'll end up with a slightly taller set of apes, maybe another 4-6" or so. The bars on now are what my dad originally ran, but they won't work for me; I want to lean forward just a bit to help absorb the bumps in the road. I needed to mount them to figure out the proper height AND to make it easier to push the bike around. Ever wonder how difficult it is to steer a motorcycle by only holding onto the top triple? It isn't easy! Add to that the long front end and tall NEED handle bars to control it!

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