Monday, November 4, 2013

I'm learning to weld!

The Shovel is gonna need quite a bit of welding before it's done. Some of it (that I can remember right now) includes seat mounts, gas tank mounts, oil filter mount, rear brake MC mount, rear brake stay mount, passenger peg mounts, kick stand mount, and so on. I'm no welder. Heck, until about a month ago, I had never done it. Several months ago the missus' uncle loaned me his cheapo HF 90A flux core welder. I'm pretty sure he wants it back at some point, but as it hadn't been opened when he gave it to me, and he has had it for many months prior to handing it over, I don't think he's in much of a rush to get it back. I started by buying some hot rolled mild steel stock from Lowe's to practice on. I just cut it into pieces and played with welding them together. Along with the steel I bought an HF angle grinder. With flux core, it's a must. Lots of bb's get thrown on the surrounding metal and they must be ground off. Some of the welding I'll complete, but on the high stakes stuff, I'll have a buddy do the welding--I'll tack the parts in place and then have him weld it up. I first welded up the holes on the back bone of the frame that were used to mount the gas tank. I then ground them smooth. When I get the tank in hand that I'll eventually use, I'll drill new holes and weld in threaded bungs to support it. I'll post up a blog when that's done.

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