Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Last night I was taught a bit of humility...

I'll admit it--I'm nervous about welding on my kick stand mount. Angled too far down and the bike will be easy to knock over. Too far up and the bike will lean over too far AND the end of the kick stand will hit the clutch basket when it's drawn up. So last night I loosely mount my clutch basket and primary belt. I then leaned the bike over on and held the kick stand in place where I thought it would be perfectly balanced. I marked the location on the frame and propped the bike up on blocks. Then I pulled the clutch off and tacked the mount in place. Instead of putting the kick stand on and checking the angle, I foolishly plowed ahead and did a gawdawful welding job to lock it in place. After I was done with that bit of stupidity, I put the kick stand on and tested the angle. Too steep. A stiff wind will knock the bike over, not to mention trying to kick start the damn thing. Tonight, the grinder comes out and the mount comes off. This time, I'll tack it in place and test it before continuing. And I think I'll not do anything more than tack it--my welding sucks. I'll have somebody else weld it on.

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