Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mounting up the seat

I got a nice seat from a member over on -- for free.  "Pay it forward" is a real and useful thing in the online community.  I've helped others with spare parts I didn't need and have been helped out by others with spare parts they didn't need.  This is one of them.  It even has a nifty Chopcult sticker under it for extra horse power!

To mount it I ordered the following pieces (stock photos from the ads):

And then a pair of shocks:

I first had to remove the original fend mounts; they were in the way.

Then I marked the center line on the bar and then the center lines of the brackets for the seat:

After that I tacked on the rear brackets and the front bracket and tested the fit.  The angle was way off, though.

So I had to cut them off and rotate them back.  This leaves me with the longer shocks (for better bump "absorption") and an angle that is more aesthetically pleasing...but now the wheel can't move as far forward as it was originally designed...and I can't mount the fender against the frame as it was originally done.

I figure to get around it I'll cut reliefs into the fender so that it can be mounted against the cross member--just gotta remember when putting the chain onto the bike that the wheel can't go too far forward!  At a later date I'll drill the cross member and weld in a threaded bung or two to mount the fender to.

After ensuring I liked their locations, I laid several beads around them and smoothed them.  Then laid some more and smoothed them.  It took quite a while, but I'm pleased with the results.  Just a bit of Bondo will be needed to clean it up completely.

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