Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mounting the kick stand bracket

The original kick stand was mounted onto the forward control mount.  Sadly, though, those parts are few and far between these days...and getting pricey.  Following the advice of an experience chopper builder, I ordered a set of later-model Dyna forwards.  They look great and feel great, but don't have a mount for a kick stand, which means coming up with a custom job.

When building a bike from scratch, there's a LOT of custom cutting, welding, cussing, and trying to figure what the hell to do...

The best (only?) option is a weld on mount from a Sportster.  There's a problem, though...mount it too far forward and the kicked-up tip on the end hits the belt.  Mount it too far back and the bike threatens to roll off it when kick starting the bike.  I had to play with several locations ALONG with trying to figure out the right angle for it.  I finally got it right.  It's mounted forward enough to support the bike when starting it, and rearward enough so that the tip clears the clutch basket with about 1/4" of clearance.  It's so close that I'm not sure I'll be able to extend it with my foot--I might have to reach down and kick it out with my hand.  Gonna have to watch out for that spinning belt!

My first attempt at welding it with the craptastic wire that came with the welder:

Not only did the tack welds not penetrate well enough, the angle was too steep--the bike would stand up, but would fall over onto the right side when I stood on the kicker lever.  So I cut it off and tried again...with some Lincoln .035" wire.  Second time was a charm!

Just like with the seat brackets, I laid a penetrating bead down to hold it, and then layered beads on top of that one, smoothing with a flap wheel every couple of beads to get a clean, smooth fillet from the bracket to the frame.  It still needs some cleaning and shaping, but looks pretty good.

It now has a nice, low slung stance when the stand is deployed, but not too low that it's in danger of falling over.  I'll take a pic and post it later.

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