Friday, March 14, 2014

Oil tank is hung!

But not in its final configuration.  I'm worried that the lower, bent arm will act like a tuning fork with the shaking that the engine will create AND it isn't hanging perfectly vertical (in relation to the drain).  But for now it'll work for engine testing and a few shake down cruises.  I'll have to tear the bike apart one final time for paint after I know everything is running; at that point I'll cut off the bracket and rebuild it.  It'll be two brackets, though:  One upper, much like it is now, with two arms, but with them angled to allow the tank to hang vertically and with gussets welded in to strengthen them.  A lower cross member will be welded to the frame with a third, lower arm to reach directly to the lower mounting bung.  It, too, will be gussetted.

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